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Our most popular booklet entitled *** RELICS OF REPENTANCE ***
The Letters of Pontius Pilate & Claudia Procula (ISBN 0-9625158-2-5)
(Revised 2nd Edition * Updated-2002) is centered around a 1st century letter
believed to have been written by Claudia Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate.

Historical references suggest Claudia was the illegitimate daughter of Julia,
Augustus Caesar's only natural offspring. During her first two marriages
Julia had numerous lovers, and upon the death of her second husband
she married Tiberius. Julia's lewd and scandalous lifestyle continued and
so distressed her father Augustus that he banished her from Rome and
allowed Tiberius to divorce her. While in exile she gave birth to Claudia and
shortly thereafter died. After Tiberius became Emperor, he found favor in
Claudia and adopted her as his own daughter.

Claudia's Scroll was translated from an ancient Latin Manuscript first found
in a Monastery in Bruges, Belgium where it had lain for centuries and is
now referenced within the Vatican Archives. In the late nineteen twenties
Catherine Van Dyke, a literary scholar and the daughter of a prominent
Detriot family, had rewritten Claudia's Scroll into the English language
under the title "A Letter from Pontius Pilate's Wife".

It was first published in America in the prestigious magazine:
*(Pictorial Review---April, 1929)*

When Madame de Maintenon became consort of Louis XIV the Grand
Monarque of France, she had this letter read every Good Friday before
the Court assembled at Versailles.

In some older communities in Europe its reading precedes the washing
of the feet of the poor on Maundy Thursday, in devout remembrance of
Jesus washing the feet of His Disciples.

A copy of the original letter was also found among the private papers
of the last Tsaritsa of Russia and was entrusted to a friend for safekeeping
prior to her fateful last journey to Tsarskoe Selo.

* What became of Pontius Pilate and his wife Claudia Procula
after the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth?

* Why are two mountains which were part of ancient Gallia
(Mt. Pilat in France and Mt. Pilatus in Switzerland)
named after the Roman Procurator Pontius Pilate?

* Why did Pilate's wife warn him of her dream about Jesus and
What was the content of Claudia's dream in (Matthew 27:19)?

* Why was Pontius Pilate reluctant to condemn Jesus and
Why did he seek to release him (John 18:38-40 & 19:4-12)?

* Why was Claudia Procula canonized a Saint in the
Greek Orthodox Church (Commemorated-October 27th)?

* Why are Pilate & Claudia both canonized Saints in the
Ethiopian (Abyssinian) Church (Commemorated-June 25th)?

Now RELICS OF REPENTANCE answers these questions and reveals the
untold story of Pontius Pilate, Claudia and their son Pilo as chronicled in a
1st century letter attributed to Claudia Procula.

RELICS OF REPENTANCE contains the entire text of Claudia's Scroll and
can be obtained directly from the publisher for $14 ($11.95 + $2.05 S&H)

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